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COLLEGIATE CLAIMS The Expert Claims Division of Collegiate Management Services Limited

Collegiate is recognised as a leading professional indemnity claims management company acting for company and Lloyds market insurers, , who insure the full range of professional firms. Including; financial advisers, insurance intermediaries, mortgage brokers, accountants, engineers, architects, design and build contractors and tech companies.

Whilst the industry has been confronted by a number of significant challenges since we were first established in 1986, we have throughout that time worked closely with our clients to assist them in appreciating the nature of the risks faced as well as helping them to mitigate their exposure.

Having dealt with many tens of thousands of claims, Collegiate's team of legally/professionally qualified claims managers have an in depth understanding of the complaints resolution process including Ombudsman, Arbitration, Adjudication, Litigation and Mediation. With Insureds ranging from very large organisations right down to the smallest of firms and sole traders our expertise stretches across the spectrum and our services are tailored to utilise the strengths of the Insured where appropriate to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of the claims management function.

Independent of any law firm we are able to work closely with our clients’ preferred legal practices to ensure that the most suitable solicitors are appointed on any particular case.

Collegiate looks to maintain a healthy dialogue with the Regulators, the Ombudsman and the relevant trade bodies so that we are aware of the issues that affect the industry; providing constructive input to consultation papers as well as utilizing Judicial Review and Test Case procedures when a firmer stance has appeared warranted.

Collegiate operates from a robust innovative and flexible IT base that enables us to collect and analyse claims data in the format that best suits our clients. In addition clients are able to access on-line claims reports from a secure, interactive extra-net site providing underwriters with up to date detailed information on their Insured's claims.

As an organisation we are highly committed to assisting our underwriting clients in writing a profitable and sustainable account and delivering a first class claims experience to their Insured's.